Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Proposal

OK, so this didn't happen in the mountains OR at school, but I just HAD to write about it:  MY SON BRANDON GOT ENGAGED!   

Months ago, he told me about his plan to propose to his girlfriend Dani during a horse show at the National Western Stock Show arena in Denver on November 30.  It was simple, he said:  He'd ride in at the end of her performance and give her the ring. 

All it entailed was getting permission from the show managers, asking the judge to allow a little "time out," inviting both families without Dani's knowledge, coming up with wild stories to explain how said family members all just happened to get the day off from work at the same time, getting the ring and hiding it during their trip down from Cheyenne, scheduling Dani to be last in the lineup (so as not to interfere with other competitors), making sure the announcer could stop her from leaving the arena, changing into his "spiffy" clothes at the last minute, and having a buddy get his horse ready (thank you, Ben!). 

This from a young man who usually realizes at 5 p.m. on December 24 that he probably should go Christmas shopping; who calls to ask if yesterday or the day before was your birthday; and who renews his license plates only when reminded to do so by the nice officer who pulls him over.

In other words, he's not exactly what you'd call a "planner."

Just knowing Brandon was willing to tackle all that made me realize he had found The Girl.  I'm so thankful she said "yes" ~ welcome to the family, Dani!

NOTE: I was hoping to post the video I took of this amazing event, but I was shaking so much that it didn't turn out well.  Luckily, the professional show photographers also knew the plan (Brandon had taken care of that, too!), and they took some fantastic photos, giving us permission to use them as we please (thank you, 3 Lazy J Photography)!  

As they enter the arena to surprise Dani, who's more excited, 
Brandon or Blueberry?

Now, who's more surprised, Dani or her horse Socks?

Socks thinks the ring is a treat for her!

Socks wonders why Dani is getting her treat.

Why are engagement rings always so hard to put on?

Socks wants a hug, too.

Socks is so DONE with this.

The happy couple leaves the arena, to the loudest clapping of the day.

Aren't they adorable?

Aren't their HORSES adorable?  (PS:  Dani's Mom and I have already asked, and the only plans for grandkids are four-legged and furry ones.)

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